Guy’s mind jumps in time

i watched this movie between 2009 -2012, it´s about a man who wakes up one day inside his younger body, i don’t remember what prompted the jumps, but he was afected by them, maybe he went to sleep and then always wake up in another moment of his life.

then he learns that there some good to make of this awful situation, so he tries to use the knowledge from one time in other, so he can avoid a tragedy, but he fails every time (or i’m confused by the similarity with the time machine).
i remember it as a sad movie in the end.

it was in black and white or sepia, i think it used red sometimes.

I think the poster had one or several playing cards and the title was one word, but this coul be wrong.

8 thoughts on “Guy’s mind jumps in time

  1. Sounds like The Butterfly Effect to me “” But I don’t recall the sepia tones.

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