Guy slashes bosses tire, gets fired

  1. I forget the leading actor, but I’m 99% it was an A lister. But anyways essentially there’s this scene where this guy is getting humiliated by his boss, in retaliation he slashes his bosses tire, getting his pocket knife stuck in the tire. The boss recognizes the knife then humiliated him again and fires him as well . I remember watching it and thinking about how brilliantly tragic it really was.

One thought on “Guy slashes bosses tire, gets fired

  1. “Everything Must Go”(2010) with Will Ferrell.

    …He then takes the Swiss Army Knife he was given as a farewell gift and stabs it into his supervisor’s car tires, only to leave the knife (which has his name on it) and run away when he is unable to pull it back out from the tire…’

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