Guy gets kicked in the nuts, his testicle goes up

So, this is a crime thriller set during winter. In this scene, the main character and his friend go to a coffee shop (maybe a bar?) that’s about to close. The friend is somewhat drunk and starts hitting on the only waitress left, but he goes too far and someone (I believe the waitress’ boyfriend) gets mad and kicks him in the nuts. He and the protagonist get kicked out, and as the friend is recovering, he discovers one of his testicles has gone up into his body. He asks for the protagonist to help him jump up and down to get it to come back down. I believe that after he slips on ice and falls on his butt, his testicle comes back down.

This wasn’t a very old movie, late 80’s tops. It was in full color and I saw it on TV. Also, although this scene was funny, the rest of it was darker, but without really going full serious most of the time. Any help will be much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Guy gets kicked in the nuts, his testicle goes up

  1. Btw, I managed to find this on my own, losers! Movie’s called “The ice harvest” and it was a joy to watch. Want to know how I pulled it off? I remembered a little star attached to it called JOHN CUSACK! I honestly wonder why it took me so long. Anyways, like a wise woman said once, SUCK A DICK DUMBSHITS!

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