Guy get his dick bitten off (softporn)


I saw a softporn movie once, I think seventies or beginning eighties… Bit like Emmanuelle, but this one had a weird twist… a guy has sex with 2 women, a blond and a brunette.

The girls take over, and one ‘gives head’, while the other thighten the grip on the guy…. one point, I think the brunette bites in the guys dick… while he is screaming the girls enjoy the blood and enjoy the situation

I have the scene somewhat on tape (only last part), I ‘overtaped’ most of the movie 🙁

Not sure if that movie had other ‘cruel’ scenes in it, or how that scene ended…

5 thoughts on “Guy get his dick bitten off (softporn)

  1. interesting movie, thnx for that.. but they bite in the neck hehe… and, the movie had a more softporn ‘theme’ .. Thnx for your reply

  2. There are 2 versions of Spermula, here is a section of the plot synopsis from Wikipedia describing the version that matches your description.

    In the later re-edited version, the story is that there is a planet, called Spermula, that is facing destruction and the Spermulites plan to relocate to Earth. To do this, their leader Big Mother has come up with a plan: she transforms Spermulites into women and demands they suck out men’s semen, thus making men tired and lazy from sexual exhaustion and unable to procreate.

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