guy dies playing flag football at the end

I watched this movie on Netflix in 2014 and all I remember is:
in the beginning there’s a coffee shop scene…and then a girl falls in love with a guy who is a recovering drug addict. They get married and they’re mentored by an older black couple, and then at the end the husband dies of a heart attack playing flag football or something in the park. Then the old couple adopts the wife and her newborn baby.

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  1. “Feast Of Love”(2007)
    There were 3 story lines in the movie, this is the one you’re thinking of:
    Oscar and Chloe
    Oscar (Toby Hemingway) is a young man working at Bradley’s cafe who soon meets and falls in love with a girl named Chloe (Alexa Davalos). However, Oscar is revealed to be living with his alcoholically abusive father, Bat (Fred Ward). When Chloe visits a fortune-teller (Margo Martindale), she is told that Oscar will die. Chloe, though upset at first, straightens her resolve about her love for Oscar and their future together. Coming home, she urges Oscar that they get married immediately. At the wedding, Chloe reveals to Harry that she is pregnant, and plans to have another baby right after due to Harry’s advice of having “two.” In the film’s conclusion everybody gathers for an afternoon in the park. While playing football Oscar collapses; despite an attempt to get him to a hospital, congested traffic interferes, and he dies of a heart defect. Then Bat attempts to avenge his son’s death by harming Chloe but Harry scares him off, and then asks Chloe if he and his wife Esther (Jane Alexander) can ‘adopt’ her as their own.

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