Group house scary movie

Honestly there isn’t too much I remember about this movie but it’s been bothering me not knowing the title for ages. I saw it maybe 6 years ago. It was in English and in color. Basically these people begin to imagine things that aren’t there. One time this guy sees the girl he likes/is attracted to on video I think and she’s in lingerie and kind of taunting him. But it’s not her and he opens the door and there’s a big growling wild at the door.

Another scene shows a lady driving in her car at night. She’s going along and she sees a group of kids holding hands in the middle of the road. It’s creepy and you hear them laughing as she crashes into a tree. She doesn’t die though. The film, I think revolves them being in a house. I’m pretty sure they were friends or something. There were a group of people.

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