Grease kind of movie with a male angel and a girl in a bar/café

The movie reminds me of Grease, and I suppose it’s from around the same time.

The movie starts with this young, male (guardian?) angel, possibly in a leather jacket, who’s is being sent down on earth. I think he is warned not to fall in love, or something like that, and I think the consequence would be dissolving in to dust.

He is sent to earth, and falls in love with this (blonde?) girl, who works in a retro milkshake/bar kind of place, maybe with a jukebox. I think there’s some older woman who owns the place too.

The angel visits and falls in love with the girl, I think, and it’s possible there’s also some sort of mean duo of to rich girls and their mother.

I think the movie ends with some sort of dance scene in the street outside the bar/cafe, and maybe a ‘defeat’ of the evil sisters.

I particularly remember two scenes. The angel looking in on the girl through the  blinds of the shops window, and also a scene where he sits on a NY-kind of fire escape stairs, and singing.

I googled around a bit, and it’s not Heavenly Boy

If anyone could help, I would be very grateful 🙂

I’m pretty sure it’s an american  movie/musical

2 thoughts on “Grease kind of movie with a male angel and a girl in a bar/café

  1. I found out it was a danish movie called ‘Askepop’ (a mix up of the danish word for Cinderella and ‘pop’), that I apparently watched a some point in school.

    Mystery solved, thanks to my classmate, who thought the plot sounded familiar.

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