Girls pretends to be a boy to play soccer

I watched this movie a long time ago around 2008-2011 on the channel of turner classic movies

it was not in English I just don’t know the language and it was in color.

it was about a girl pretending to be a boy so she could play soccer. One of the boys found out but he kept her secret. I remember they were boxing in a ring by themselves and when they tackled each other they started hugging on the floor . ARound the end of the movie I remember she said her boobs were getting bigger so it was going to be more diffucult to hice while she played soccer. She exposed her breasts to the boy and ask him if he wanted to touch them but he said no and the last thing I remember was they both layed on the couch and were hugging at the end of the movie

5 thoughts on “Girls pretends to be a boy to play soccer

  1. Just one of the guys she was going to a new school to write a news paper article. Shes the man she pretended to be her brother while he was in London so she could play soccer against her school but she showed her boobs on the field that was Amanda Bynes. And Beckman i have never seen

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