Genius movie

I saw this live-action movie in my teens on TV once. It was in color and it looked like it was made in the 80’s or 90’s.

A high school or college nerd named Dexter probably was studying on the computer one night for a big test the next day until he got shocked which rendered him highly intellectually intelligent.

The next day, he finishes his exam much quicker than the others do; much to the silent disbelief of the teacher.

Eventually, he starts entering show contests based on intelligence which suddenly increases the jealousy of a spoiled little blonde genius brat with glasses known as The Viper who begins drawing mocking devil marks on his pictures and researching about him more despite his dad’s encouragement to move on.

Dexter moves and lives in a mansion that talks. One night, he is kidnapped by agents, one that looks almost like Jeffery Jones and the other one wears glasses and makes hand gestures as a form of communication instead who suspect him of being the Viper.

Somewhere at the end, before another contest starts, the Viper plants a virus on Dexter through a telephone that makes him answer questions wrong until finally he overcomes it which forces the Viper to confess: “Nobody messes with the Viper!” and finally get arrested by the agents; much to his dad’s chagrin.

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    1. Solved!

      Though I had no idea they remade that Disney movie even though I hadn’t seen either Disney teenager Kurt Russell ones too except Now You See Him, Now You Don’t nor did I know it was Disney until now.

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