Friendly bank robber also genius in medical field

Okay, I remember seeing a movie about this bad guy that looks like Michael Douglas (but wasn’t him) where like, in this small town, pregnant women are going into a coma, there’s a female doctor/scientist that tries to find a cure I guess. But somehow the bad guy discovered a drug that would actually snap them out of their coma. Anyway, his main goal is to rob this bank, but things keep happening to him along the way and he ends up doing nice things son that he doesn’t stand out so much I guess. He steals this old 70s red pickup truck(I think it was a Ford) it was parked it was at a gas station. He’s about to take off, and some guy offers him a doughnut by tapping on the driver’s door window(krespi kreams brand) he rolls down the window and says, ‘look, I’m kinda in a hurry, and don’t really have time for this nonsense.” The guy says, “come on, just 1. They’re really good!” The bad guy rolls his eyes and says, ‘okay, fine, I’ll have 1!’ but then the guy with the doughnuts begins to recognize the truck and says, ‘wait… Isn’t this Steve’s truck?’ The bad guy ends up snatching the whole box of doughnuts and driving away!”
He’s having trouble driving it, because his feet can barely reach the pedals(plus it’s a manual)
Hr ends up painting the truck a light blue and changing the plates so that people don’t recognize the stolen truck as much. Before his robs the bank, he has to educate himself on the new security system, so he has this wheel of film that he places into the projector so that he can take notes or something but he keeps having problems getting the film started(the film would either slip off the playing wheel, or the film wouldn’t go through the projector and would start to bundle, stuff like that) it’s winter time, in this town, and they pride themselves on their winter games and whatever. Needless to say he gets arrested but after he does, for some reason it effects the town in a negative way(it stops snowing and people start having bad luck and whatever) so they begin to protest to have him released from prison(because he wasn’t such a bad guy) but the female doctor/scientist discovers his research(I guess he was fired from his job as a researcher or something, and thus, turns to crime to make ends meet) anyway, this pregnant mother has been in a coma for a while an the scientist lady finds his research about coma victims and he was close to discovering a cure when his research was shut down for some reason. She finishes the research and it works. Her boss comes in to congratulate her but she tells him it’s all because of Dr. Bob(I forget his last name) “Well we need to tell the world about Dr. Bob*insert last name here*” she laughs and says, “The whole world already knows about him” she points to this newspaper clipping of him being the bank robber. Well, we gotta get this man free! He’s a genius! Her boss says. So at the end they let him go and the mother thanks him with a baked pie or something like that and the town people thank him for all the little good deeds he did that changed their life in one way or another. Then it starts snowing again and the mayor says, ‘let the games begin!’ everyone laughs and that’s basically the whole story. I have no idea when it came out(I assume it’s an old movie, because he’s driving what looks like a red 1977 Ford F150)

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