Forgotten Movie Title

Memory tells me the lead character was Glenn Ford.  But now I questions that because I am having no luck finding this film.


The man returns home after a long absence (I believe he’s returning home from Civil War) to find a young, uneducated, hillbilly girl squatting in his cabin.  He is kind hearted and doesn’t turn her out.  Despite the neighbors/town talking of him shamefully allowing this young girl to live with him, he teaches the girl to read and to assimilate into society.  Ultimately, under constant pressure from the town and the Pastor, they marry in the end.

Any help in identifying this film would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. “Heaven with a Gun” (1969)?

    Barbara Hershey plays a native American girl who is living in Ford’s cabin. The townspeople disapprove because she is not only a minor, but of a different race. She speaks pidgen English, but he teaches her how to speak properly and they do end up together at the end. He is NOT a civil war vet, but a former gunfighter who is now a pastor.

  2. You’re right! While trying to recall facts from this movie, I was getting it mixed up with another one. I really appreciate you reading my post and taking the time to reply.

    Thank You

    1. My apologies. In my haste to finally solve this, I mistakenly stated this was my forgotten movie. However, this is definitely not my movie.
      The lead actor (may not be Glenn Ford) was not the preacher/pastor. In the closing scenes I remember the Pastor visited the pair at the cabin and insisted, as he had several times before that they marry. I remember the two men standing or sitting outside the cabin having a heart to heart when he finally gave in and decided to marry the girl. I don’t recall much after that and really don’t think there was ever a wedding scene. I believe the movie ended shortly after he gave the girl the good news. Sorry for the confusion.

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