Foreign film about man honoring traditional death ritual for wife

We saw this slice of life, quirky, thought-provoking, perhaps Russian, film which was set in current times, back in ~2005-2012, about a man & his friend that go on a short journey to an icy coastland area to put his young dead wife’s body out to sea.
The husband has to drink & talk about her intensely during the trip & then is suppose to totally let go & forget that person/not mention them ever again—moving on, according to their traditional ritual.  During this discourse, the friend admits that he was in love with the woman.
On their way back home, the men hook up with two women in a hotel room for sex–all together in the same bed.
Think the men part ways rather awkwardly….

8 thoughts on “Foreign film about man honoring traditional death ritual for wife

  1. Thank you for trying! Similar plot with the whole bodyouttothesea ritual..but WBY was more of a comedy & this movie was definitely a quieter, heavier drama with English subtitles…about a similarly very chilly place…so it could have been filmed in Norway, Finland, Iceland,….

    1. Uh..your Alice is a LIVING woman.
      The female character, in my film, was quite DEAD (in her bed) when the audience is ‘introduced to her’ at the very beginning of the film.

  2. RiverSong—YOU totally nailed it!! Can‘t wait to try to find this very quiet & thought-provoking film again as neither of us remember that the men also died at the end—maybe that‘s why I thought it ended awkwardly…. Thank you for your amazing reading & research skills!!🥇

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