Foreign film about how life would change for a group of people had only 1 thing been different

I remember seeing the movie sometime around 2000 but I think it came out before that. I don’t remember the language but the whole thing was subtitled.

The movie was made up of short stories, the first half of the movie was in black and white, the second half in color.

It starts off with a man being shot in his living room after begging for his life. The next story is about the cops dispatched to his house and they run over a girl who’s on a bike, the next one is about a niece trying to get her druggy uncle to come over to the house for the holidays. The uncle OD and dies, the niece gets hit by the police car, the police don’t get to the house to stop the assassin and so on.

Essentially everyone dies, it doesn’t seem connected at all.

Half way through it flips to color and replays the same stories, however it shows how everyone survives if only one thing had changed. I.E The assassin decides not to shoot the man, because he doesn’t get killed the cops don’t get sent to the house and don’t run over the girl, because the girl isn’t killed the uncle decides to change his ways and doesn’t OD. It shows that they were all connected and didn’t even know it.

I think the movie had something with numbers in the title like “7 lives” or “6 days” or “5 rooms” or something like that.

I found it at Blockbuster years ago, my ex wife wanted to watch it but she doesn’t remember the name either. Everyone I’ve asked has said “Run Lola Run” but I know it’s not that movie. I want to say the spoken language was Japanese, Spanish or French.

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