Film about a murder/rape in a teen party commited by a sleepwalker

So I remember watching this movie (it was around 2009 or 2008) about a 12 or 13-year-old boy who was attracted to a female classmate/neighbor/whatever of the same age and they eventually have some sort of sleepover party in a cabin near his parents’ house with a few other kids. In the morning, it’s found out that the main girl was killed in her sleep (smothered with a pilllow if I remember clearly) and possibly raped before that.

The movie then turns into some sort of psychological/legal drama where it’s pretty much assumed that the main boy was responsible for the murder while sleepwalking. He sees a psychologist/therapist who’s trying to find out if he did in fact commit the murder and they talk about teenage sexual development. Apparently all the facts suggest he is really guilty.

However, by the end of the movie something is discovered that changes the case – and it turns out the boy is innocent (after even himself was already believing to have done it). In a pretty disappointing ending, though, it’s said that the murderer/rapist was never found out. I also think it was then revealed the film was inspired by true events.

The boy had a Jewish-sounding last name (I miiiight be wrong on that), was most certainly not played by any famous actor (in fact the cast didn’t seem to be comprised of big stars) and the film was set in the late 90s or early 2000s in some sort of calm American suburban town.

I watched it on cable TV and it really looked like it was pretty much a not-very-expensive made-for-television film without huge intents. I’ve been trying to find it on google for a while now, to no avail – even looking up actual famous sleepwalking murder cases doesn’t ring a bell (though in the end it is pretty much guaranteed the murder was not commited by a sleepwalker teen and actually by an unknown person who was not in the sleepover).

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