Female killer in Disguise Bursts into Apartment – Attacks Heroine

One scene is where the hero, having just left a bar, is walking at night on large city streets, and thinks he hears someone in the dark. He trails after whom he thinks might be a deranged killer that has recently been in the news. The streets are dark, and there is construction scaffolding and canvas up over the sidewalks with colored lights illuminating them.


The movie’s ending climax is where the heroine enters her apartment building, rides up to her floor and goes into her apartment. Minutes later, the killer (woman?) with a weird wig and disguise bursts in and begins to attack the heroine. The hero, having followed heroine to apartment, then enters and eventually shoots the killer dead, saving the heroine. Having been previously notified, the police finally arrive as the movie ends.


I have looked at most of the better known 1970-1980s serial killer movies, and I am pretty sure that it was a Made for TV movie or possibly a TV show episode. It is not Dressed To Kill or The Rain Killer, and it is not a Charles Bronson or Sylvester Stalone movie.

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