Fantasy Movie for Children from the 80s or 90s


I am looking for the title of a Fantasy-genre movie (with real actors) from the 80s (I think).


I watched it in German, but I have the feeling that it’s an English (American) movie.


What I remember:


– it was in color, so no b/w

– there’s a family driving a car through the snow, in some Jeep or similar car, and through reasons unknown to me, one of the kids in the back of the car falls through the door (some kind of badly hinged plastic part of the door?), lands in the snow next to the street and rolls into some kind of wonderland city, with weird cars

– there was some (maybe evil?) character in some kind of huge sphere

– in the end, the kid and the family reunite


I know it’s not a lot to go by.. thanks for your help, anyway 🙂


5 thoughts on “Fantasy Movie for Children from the 80s or 90s

  1. I second babes in toyland. Drew Barrymore was the little girl and her friend in real life are characters in the fantasyland?

  2. Thank you everyone, it is indeed Babes in Toyland… wow, crazy how one scene stuck in my head and was enough to identify the movie 20 years later..


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