“Family adventure movie” from 60s/early70s

Saw this movie in the mid-70s in the theater with my Dad.  One of those “live action adventure” movies for kids, i.e. Treasure Island type stuff.

Anyway, one of the main protagonist was a young boy. They were, I’m sure, looking for treasure in India. In the final act, the adult adventurer was not paying attention when a young boy (one of the villains) dressed in a turban and other traditional Indian garb was sneaking up behind the adult. Now this young boy villain had “finger claws”, i.e. razor-sharp coverings over his fingers. As he was just about to stab the adult hero from behind … the young boy (hero) slid a pillow across the floor right in front of the villain’s path. This pillow caused the villain to trip and stumble, which resulted in the villain stabbing himself as he struck the ground/floor. Have no clue the name of the movie – freaked me out for sure though. HELP!!!

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