Fairy Tale movie of girl transported to magical land

I saw this movie sometime in the mid to late 90s – early 2000s.  I remember a girl in a diner who goes into a back room and somehow gets transported to a magical land.  The parts I remember are spread out.  One part that really sticks out is that she is traveling with some people through the forest and then find themselves at an old ladys house.  She might have been a gypsy.  Outside her house there are all these birds in cages.  The girl feels bad for the birds so she lets a bird go free.  The gypsy lady gets mad and puts a curse on the girl.   The curse was that her hair would keep growing and growing.  Soon after this girls hair gets ridiculously long, like past her feet.  I think she is traveling with a young man and they fall in love.  Another part I remember is a man turning into a dog from a curse or spell a witch put on him.  The dog I think is trying to find the girl with the growing hair.  The witch needs this girl for some reason.  I remember at the end of the movie the girl ends up in this castle at a ball  and goes up to a room with a mirror.  She looks in the mirror and I think the witch shows up.  But that mirror gets her home somehow.  Does anyone know what I’m talking about?  Its in color, in English and I saw it on TV.  I thought it was ‘The 10th Kingdom’ but I didn’t see a scene in that movie with the growing hair.

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