European Thriller / Horror about an Internet Predator?

Hi AllLooking for a late 90s / early 2000 European Thriller / Horror involving an Internet Predator.

What I remember is;

This aired on SBS in the early 2000s (SBS is an Australian free to air channel that airs Foreign Films. ), and I remember it being fairly new looking at the time of watching.

I believe this was made in the late 90s / perhaps 2000 to 2001. No later than that.

Lead actress was punk / gothic, with piercings or tattoos. I believe the plot was about her friend or relative going missing after chatting with someone online.

The lead actress is forced to strip in front of a webcam by the villain (no, this is not why I want to track this film down 😛 ).

At some point, the lead is locked in a bathroom but escapes, left gasping for air.

I know this will probably be impossible to find, but I just thought I’d try.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I know this may be hard, but I remember sensing this wasn’t a low budget film – so hopefully it’s a widely known European film that somebody can help me out with 🙂

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