early 80’s; rich kids; New York; almost artsey movie.

Ok.. so this is a rather obscure movie that takes place (and filmed) in  early 80’s (late 70’s?) New York City.  It could be another city but I’m pretty sure it was NYC.

I remember that the main character gets in with this super rich croud.  All Ivy League graduates, early 20’s.  But the main character himself is not rich.  He rents a tux for all the parties, I believe.

I don’t remember too much about the plot, but I remember the style quite well.  It is very subtle, very little background music, and not corny in any way.  Almost reminded me of a Woody Allen movie.  Also, if I remember correctly, it was kind of a “slice of life” type of movie.  Meaning that it wasn’t trying to tell some epic story as much as was just showing a particular time from the main character’s life.

Hope someone can figure this out!



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