Early 80s possibly a late 70s film

I remember coming home and turning on the tv and the thing I remember from the movie was someone is in a projection room and either trips or the film starts to unreel and covers the person. The person then gets up and is covered in the film strip. It might have been the ending, and it might be a short film.

I saw this around 1984 maybe 1985 and the movie might be older. Would have been on hbo and I had just arrived from school when I saw this.

4 thoughts on “Early 80s possibly a late 70s film

  1. You mentioned HBO and said it might be a short film, well HBO had a series of short films at that time called “short takes” and this might be the one called Recorded Live (1975). I found it on YouTube and posted it below.

  2. Ha! Yes. I was looking for it yesterday on youtube but had no luck. Wow, thank you. That was quick.

    This was solved. Great job!!

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