So Uh i saw this movie atound 2018 not sure when it was uploaded so uh heres a small detail about the movie

There’s this guy who got transferred to other school leaving his mother behind and went to his Father somewhere historic place where old veteran or soldiers rested.

He is in high school and he studied at the boring school and a DJ. HE met a young guy and found out that this guy is the little brother of a dancer girl (sorry forgot their names only remembered their roles) so uh at Their school they had this little competition about dancing and at the timr the school held some party and this DJ guy was bored at the current dj and he asked the current dj to let him handle things and he had some awesome beats and got some attention to him and The Dancer Girl noticed him and days later they went yo his house which was made from woods and to go there they had to go to a cemetery. So they asked the guy if they could help them in their upcoming competition by becoming their DJ. The guy accepted their offer and helped them.

There was this scene where the Guy started to like the dancer girl and went to her house. The girls mother was sick or depressed and was taking meds or something and he found out that the girl had another brother who died in a war.

The last scene was they were dancing for a tribute to the fallen soldiers. They were in a competition and their performance was emotional because there were helicopter involved at the opening and they used the truck to light and they wore a Military uniform and they were dancing and their act or dance included military fighting or shooting guns and ended up dying and the dance girl was mourning for their death and she tried to wake them up and they did and continued dancing.


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