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Looking for a documentary (90s-early 2000s) about cinema, focusing on American war movies with excerpts from “The Deer Hunter” (Russian roulette scene), “Paths of Glory” (when the general slaps a young soldier) and other war movies from the 20th century. Tried to check several databases, but couldn’t find this particular one. I think the host was a famous actor.

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      1. The russian roulette scene from The Deer Hunter is shown just before the 46 minute mark.
        I’m not certain about Paths of Glory (I was only half watching). The upload was “edited to comply with copyright requirements” It may be possible that it had to be edited out for some reason?

        1. Thank you for noticing that fragment. I remember the scene was just like in the movie, pretty long.

          Can’t tell about the requirements, but I am more convinced that it could be Martin Sheen as a host, meaning “Cinema Combat: Hollywood Goes to War” (1998), although I can’t check it, because it is not online.

        2. It is also possible that the host could be Tom Cruise, although I couldn’t find anything in his filmography to support that…Thanks for trying, anyway.

          1. Tom Cruise narrated Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures (2001), which had the scene from Paths of Glory in it. It’s obviously not *just* war films though, even though he directed 5.

  1. I think that title was similar to “100 Years of Cinema”, “First 100 years” or something like that. Perhaps it was one episode out of a special TV-series made to celebrate 100 years of cinema. I remember there were relatively long movie scenes and the host speaking in between, no other interviews with directors or anyone else.

  2. I think the opening scene shows the host walking somewhere in the studio made look like a jungle and speaking in a very somber voice.

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