Documentary – American war movies

Looking for a documentary (90s-early 2000s) about cinema, focusing on American war movies with excerpts from “The Deer Hunter” (Russian roulette scene), “Paths of Glory” (when the general slaps a young soldier) and other war movies from the 20th century. Tried to check several databases, but couldn’t find this particular one. I think the host was a famous actor.

Lady ghost

Looking for an episode from “The Twilight Zone” about a lady who either got burned or hanged herself, and she comes back after many years. There was an old portrait of the lady, who looked like a little girl. Children watch her ghost dying either from tuberculosis or in a fire in an old house. She was wearing a white dress and looked at the children while dying (or burning to death). Or maybe she was turned into an old lady in the photos. (Maybe it’s a mixture of two episodes, but I don’t remember which ones)

Mother and daughter run away

Looking for an 80s-90s American TV-movie about an 8 year old girl who was molested by her father. Her mother discovers it, when she tries to give her a bath, and the girl starts crying and becomes hysterical. The girl’s name is Sally or Molly, her mother calls her “pumpkin” (or “peanut”). The mother goes into hiding with her, changes her hair to hide from her father, who demands to see her. They both hide from the police, at one time have a dinner at a priest’s house. (Not “In the Best Interest of the Child”)

Abandoned TV set

Looking for an 80-s TV-movie, where a homeless family from Hollywood came to live on an abandoned set of a soap opera.the family consists of a father, mother and two children, and it is a comedy.

Please Help!!!

I’ve been looking for this movie for 20 years!! Any clue could help…

It’s a family movie made probably in the 80s, maybe later. I could have watched it on the Lifetime channel, not sure.

It’s about a girl, whose mother is in a mental hospital, and she has to take care of her young brother and sister (twins) who are young and naughty, and her father says she doesn’t help enough. At one point there is a Christmas party, the twins cry because they want their mother, and she talks to the boy and says: “Look Liam, you are a brave cowboy, aren’t you?”, explaining that the mother is not there. She also tries to make pancakes with syrup with the twins, but they mess the kitchen up, and her father yells at her.

Then her father sends her to live with her aunt, she meets a boy at school (his name is Alex), and they end up kissing at the basement, where there is a large pool table. Her aunt comes in when they kiss and sends the boy home. Then she tells the girl she should go back to her father. The girl runs away and goes to visit her mother in a hospital. She buys pancakes for her, but the mother says she doesn’t want them. And she falls asleep on the hospital bed. Then her father comes to take her home and apologizes for yelling at her.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?