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Lady ghost

Looking for an episode from “The Twilight Zone” about a lady who either got burned or hanged herself, and she comes back after many years. There was an old portrait of the lady, who looked like a little girl. Children watch her ghost dying either from tuberculosis or in a fire in an old house. She was wearing a white dress and looked at the children while dying (or burning to death). Or maybe she was turned into an old lady in the photos. (Maybe it’s a mixture of two episodes, but I don’t remember which ones)

Mother and daughter run away

Looking for an 80s-90s American TV-movie about an 8 year old girl who was molested by her father. Her mother discovers it, when she tries to give her a bath, and the girl starts crying and becomes hysterical. The girl’s name is Sally or Molly, her mother calls her “pumpkin” (or “peanut”). The mother goes into hiding with her, changes her hair to hide from her father, who demands to see her. They both hide from the police, at one time have a dinner at a priest’s house. (Not “In the Best Interest of the Child”)

Please Help!!!

I’ve been looking for this movie for 20 years!! Any clue could help…

It’s a family movie made probably in the 80s, maybe later. I could have watched it on the Lifetime channel, not sure.

It’s about a girl, whose mother is in a mental hospital, and she has to take care of her young brother and sister (twins) who are young and naughty, and her father says she doesn’t help enough. At one point there is a Christmas party, the twins cry because they want their mother, and she talks to the boy and says: “Look Liam, you are a brave cowboy, aren’t you?”, explaining that the mother is not there. She also tries to make pancakes with syrup with the twins, but they mess the kitchen up, and her father yells at her.

Then her father sends her to live with her aunt, she meets a boy at school (his name is Alex), and they end up kissing at the basement, where there is a large pool table. Her aunt comes in when they kiss and sends the boy home. Then she tells the girl she should go back to her father. The girl runs away and goes to visit her mother in a hospital. She buys pancakes for her, but the mother says she doesn’t want them. And she falls asleep on the hospital bed. Then her father comes to take her home and apologizes for yelling at her.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

a little boy- cross dresser

In which reality television show about children’s behavior (early 2000s) there was a episode with a little boy- cross dresser? He was about 6, and he liked to cross-dress and put makeup. He asked his mother every Sunday if he could do put on some makeup and then walk in the house in a Snow White’s dress etc. A nanny comes to sit with him, he yells at her “you are mean!” and kicks her. She holds him and says “at your age, I shouldn’t be doing that”. (It could be an episode from “Little Angels” or “Super nanny”).

Murder in the attic

Which movie (probably 90s) had a trailer with a little girl walking in the attic and discovering a murder? I think it was a flashback of a woman during her therapy, in which she told the therapist about the repeated nightmare that she had. Her father stabbed her mother to death when she was a little girl, and now she remembers it. The flashback is in black and white, the rest is in color. Her therapist asks “What do you see?”, and she says”I see me” and describes the murder. The girl had a blonde hair and she was about 8 years old.

Crazy twins

Looking for a a foreign (maybe Swedish?) movie from 90s-early 2000s about two twin sisters (aged 11-12, with blonde hair) that behave in a crazy way. I think they were separated and then meet each other. They hide in a house of one of the sisters and then cause havoc. First they mess up the house, then set it on fire. In the end everyone in the neighborhood is searching for them, and they just walk away, happy from the chaos the made. I think the neighbor asks one of them “What is going on? Did you set the house on fire?” And she replies “I don’t know” with an innocent smile. The genre is possibly a dark comedy.

Two rich families

What is the title of a movie (mid 80s) about two rich families involved in a feud that has something to do with industrial problems, maybe factories, and possibly mafia problems. There is also another story line about father-daughter relationship. I remember the father had meetings with mafia (?) people at the house on the lake. At the end of the film there’s a shot of a big boat on the lake, and a huge explosion, in which everyone gets killed, and this is the ending (the final shot is the big explosion).

Native Americans

Please help find a TV-film (probably mid 1990s’) about Native American boys who have to go to some sort of a vision quest. One of them is in love with another one’s sister, and I remember the brother saying a phrase like “you want to plant your seeds in my stupid sister”. They also ride horses and compete with each other. There are no famous actors in there, so I doubt anyone would remember…but maybe. (NOT “Smoke Signals”)

French movie about a teenager

Can anyone recognize the name of a French movie (70s-80s) about a teenager (name – Valentine). He liked to comb his mother’s hair and did it every day. When he met an older guy, who was also a criminal, he became distant and his mother noticed. Eventually he participates in some minor crime together with his friend, they are both caught, the police lets Valentine go. At the end his mother talks to him, and he refuses to comb his mother’s hair, because he feels he grew up.

Two sisters

Looking for a movie from the 90s (?) set possibly in the 60s, about two sisters growing up. Both their parents died, and they moved to live with an uncle who sexually abused the sisters until they grew up and were able to tell the story. I remember they were wearing black dresses and the older sister had a doll. At night the uncle comes to her bed and she was holding this doll. A second part shows the two sisters 15 years later, when they sue him, probably.

TV-show about mother and daughter

Looking for a TV-show from mid 90s (probably), possibly Australian or Canadian, about a mom and a teenage daughter. Each episode discussed teenager problems, for instance, first job search. The girl has ginger hair and freckles, the mother has blonde hair and big blue eyes. The girl’s best friend is Afro-American. The show lasted for several seasons. At the end of each episode the daughter would write a letter to her father (or maybe a diary?). The daughter’s name could be Emily, and she finishes each letter with “Love, Emily”, and it is also the end of the show.

Holocaust movie about two brothers

Looking for a French or Italian (?) Holocaust movie (probably from mid 80s) about two brothers (aged 8-10), who try to escape with their father when the Nazis come to their town. Their father tells them that from now on they will call him his uncle, then asks “Is that understood?”, the boy says “Yes, father”, the father slaps him and the boy says “Yes, uncle”. Then they escape but the Nazis catch them and undress them, asking them why they are circumcised. One of the boys says that they were sick, but the Nazis start torturing them to make them tell the truth. At one point they hang one of the boys upside down from the ceiling. Then they manage to escape or perhaps someone comes to their rescue.

Girl develops language skills

Looking for a movie (probably mid 90s’) about a girl who was found in an old house when she was 14-16 years old, living in isolation (in a cage perhaps)? She was hid by her abusive father and couldn’t talk, because when she was little no one ever spoke to her and she didn’t develop language skills. The girl had big blue eyes and was very quiet. Her doctor discovers that her mother did talk to her sometimes, and therefore she is able to learn new words. At the end of the film she learns to speak and testifies against her father in court. (NOT “Nell”. NOT “Mockingbirds don’t sing”)