Dinner Party Goes Awry With Tapes From Woman’s Psychologist? (I dont even know if this is a movie or not)

Im not even sure if this was a movie (ill explain why at the end) and its been a long, long while since Ive thought about this movie so I probably wont be able to give much description. The movie is in English.

The first scene seems to be set in someone’s dining room, where a bunch of friends (young adults) seem to be gathering and chit chatting together for a dinner party/get together. There is a lot of characters speaking over each other. Now this “movie” is weird because I think the visuals for this scene is mostly a blurry zoomed out pov of the dining room. I think at one point tensions rise amongst the friends and the couple hosting the dinner mention something about not showing the friends some tapes.

Eventually, there is another scene. I think the visual is from the pov of a driver in a car driving in the pitch darkness. There is voice over of what seems to be a psychologist/therapist (man) talking to a patient (the woman whos hosting the dinner party with her husband). Theres a particular issue that the psychologist is talking/confronting the woman about but i can no longer remember it (maybe some kind of issue with the mental stability of the woman?).

I also remember I believe at one point, in the dining room, a plate is broken- and it seems to change the mood amongst the guests at this get together. Overall the movie (or at least those two scenes) feels dark and unsettling, but mostly in a subdued way.

This memory is so weird and so long ago that part of me thinks Im incorrectly remembering a dream (i had while asleep) as an actual memory. It doesnt bother me, except every once in a long while that I re-remember this misplaced, mysterious memory.  Its very possible this is just a short film, even a student film, or just some random video uploaded to youtube.

And to explain, I encountered this video while i used to do freelance captioning work online (so maybe, 3-6 years ago). This is a good reason why I never knew the title of this movie or even if it was a movie I was watching. And also a reason why I can only remember a short part of it (because thats the only part I was given to work on).

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