difficulty level – maximum

Hi guys. I really need to find this movie, I watched it like 8 years ago and I can’t forget it.
The film begins with a boy finding a chick that has fallen out of its nest. It seems to him that the chick is still breathing and alive, but in fact, what he took for breath are worms that eat the chick's corpse. This theme runs through the entire film, everything beautiful and joyful turns out to be a complete nightmare. When this boy grows up, he falls in love with a prostitute who lives as a hostage in a local brothel. To ransom her, he robs a drug dealer with a random acquaintance. As a result, it turns out that this drug dealer works for the owner of a brothel from whom the main character actually wanted to redeem his beloved.
The plot touches on two more stories. Schoolgirl harassed by teacher and masturbates to him for grades in the car. He ends up raping her.
And there is also a couple in love who have a fighting dog, they rent it out for fights to earn money, but even there everything ends up pretty badly.

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