Did I make this movie up???

This is a movie I did not see, but I swear I read about it, and even saw an image from (or poster/cover image for) — maybe a decade or so ago.  But I’ve had no luck searching for it on the internet, so I’m getting to the point where I wonder if I made the whole thing up!

Thing is, I could be a little off — or even completely wrong — about everything I’m gonna say I remember about it.  But I’m gonna try to be remember it as best I can…

It’s a story about two men who are lovers and also killers — possibly serial killers, but I’m not sure about that.  I think the guys were kinda punky, maybe?  Or they looked like outsiders in some rough way?  I believe it was a veeery independent, low-budget movie.  Very raw-looking, underground-y.  Probably b/w.  Might be an American film, but it nags at me that it’s probably European, or at least not American.

It looked like it was an extremely obscure movie, and I can recall reading about it — I think online — only this one time.  My impression/memory is that the movie was very extreme and disturbing.  Envelope-pushing, perhaps.  It makes me wonder if it was so much so that it’s one of those movies that the media and even the internet tries to disappear — the way the media has basically never acknowledged the existence Kirby Dick’s documentary Outrage, for fear of being sued — and that’s why I’m having so much trouble searching for it online.

My guess is that it’s somewhere between ten and twenty years old — but I could be very off on especially that detail.

I thought it was called Killers, or The Killers — but it might have been called Lovers, or The Lovers???


9 thoughts on “Did I make this movie up???

  1. GG — thank you! That’s it! I probably never came across it again because my pea brain couldn’t think of a “The ____s” title that wasn’t as obvious as “the Killers” or “The Lovers”.

    You’ve inspired me to try posting for another movie on which I’m even vaguer! (Way vaguer, actually…)

    thanx again!

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