Another obscure movie about a killer…

Really, people, I do watch LOTS of movies that aren’t about killers…  but the second inquiry I’ll post here is also about a ‘killer’ movie…

Okay, I saw this movie in a theatre that tends to show foreign films, art films, cult films, old movie revivals.  I think I saw it maybe twenty years or so ago.

It’s a European film (French?), I’d almost bet my life on it (but I probably shouldn’t…) — or at least not American.  I remember really liking it at the time, but my memories of it are really indistinct.

It’s about a serial killer who is on the move.  Maybe his job involves travel, and he kills along the way.  Or maybe he travels for the purpose of killing all over the place, I can’t remember.  I seem to remember shots from inside the car, maybe the driver’s POV thru the windshield???  And maybe he drives in the rain often???

And scenes in hotel rooms.  The visual feel is gritty, the lens may not always be fully focused, or it’s just grainy.  And claustrophobic.  It gave me the feeling like I could feel the killer’s breath on my skin, on my face.  The best word I have for it was that the movie, and its world, were… sweaty… to me.

Can’t remember the plot beyond travel and killing — the latter of which I’m not sure was very graphic or very on-screen, even.  Maybe the emphasis was more on his constant moving, from kill to kill.

And I seem to have a vague sense that the main character remains largely an enigma.  I don’t know if any effort to explain why he does what he does or what it means to him, even in the moment. is ever made.

I only really have snippets of it in my head anymore, but the movie’s nevertheless always stayed with me…


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  1. Hmm. I’m just not sure. My memory in this case might just be so bad that the imdb page just isn’t enough for me to really make the connection. But this *could* be it… Thanx!


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