Detective cursed by old beggar woman

I’m hunting for the name of a movie. Here’s what I have to go on:


– I believe the movie is from the 2000’s, could be earlier. It’s definitely a movie, not a TV show. English language.

– I believe it was set in the 1930’s or 1940’s, but maybe it just had that type of style. Fedora, trenchcoat… that sort of thing.


– Not sure of the genre, but probably it would fall into drama/sci-fi/mystery. I believe it’s a twisted plot.


– The main character declines to give money to an old beggar women, and so she casts some sort of curse or something on him (although that’s not revealed until the very end).


– The “curse” is something like a circular plot experience, or a time loop or something.


– At the end scene, the main character says something like “who is doing this to me?” to which the old women replies “nobody” (but I could be wrong, maybe she says “you are”). I don’t believe she’s actually talking to him, it’s more like narrative.


– I could be wrong, but I feel like the main character perhaps flipped a coin often…. and I’m remembering something like black makeup on his entire face (again, could be totally misremembering)… maybe that was the old women’s face… or maybe I’m mixing up movies.


– I believe the plot might be confusing or disjointed until that final scene makes sense of it all.


– The movie might be narrated like Dick Tracy style. The main character might be a detective or a gangster. Good guy or bad guy, can’t remember.


– I don’t believe there are any well-known actors in this movie. I believe it to have been filmed and originally released in the US, likely straight to video (non-theatrical). It wasn’t big budget.


– I actually *thought* the movie was called “Nobody”, but it doesn’t seem to exist under that title.


That’s all I’ve got. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Detective cursed by old beggar woman

    1. HA! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

      I can’t believe I missed this and had the title correct. I Google hunted over the course of a few days, but never imdb’d directly. Lesson learned.

      It seems it’s more obscure than I remember. I’ll totally be watching this again once I can hunt a copy down from somewhere.

      I appreciate you immensely! Solved 😀

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