Demons who feed on human emotions

So I remember that this movie is about a demon race which takes the form of humans. They feed on bad human emotions, the main demons are this handsome guy, this voodoo woman, the sexy woman, the chubby old scientist guy, and three brothers or friends guys. In the same house with them, there’s a girl who lives in an abusive relationship with that black man, her mother is somewhere else, there’s thiAsianan couple and a family with another girl.
So one day a virus visits their place, well like the whole city, and people become happy, so demons have nothing to eat. By the way of the film we discover that there’s a chosen demon who can survive without bad human emotions or some shit and also the main guy understands that’s it’s not a virus but another kind of demon who lookes like a red bird who turned everyone happy, and during the investigation, he attaches to the girl from that another family,  wants her to stay in her “nice life”not go back to “bad life” and then it comes out that she’s the demon who made everyone happy. SO, that voodoo girl tells him to kill her and he’s like nope and everyone dies except him, because comes out that he’s the special demon who can live without bad human emotions.
Other information
Totally an English one; I found it on some movie website;  it was a colored movie; the one thing I think is really weird but may be helpful, the main guy looked kiiiiinda like Michael Wincott, I even thought it was some unpopular movie with him but haven’t found it on Wikipedia.

I’m dying how much I wanna rewatch that movie, please help :c

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