Demon or ghost movie

The movie is in color and I saw it somewhere between 2008-2011. I saw it on Netflix I believe. It started with a group of emo kids going to a graveyard at night and one looks around while the other two makeout. The one looking around takes something off of what is either a shed or a catacombs entrance. Once he takes that it glows and then cuts to the Emos making out as the guy grabs the girls boob, then the demon/ghost cuts the guys hand off while it is still on her boob. It then grabs the girl and kills her by throwing her into the front window of the vehicle. Then the emo who took the thing from the place runs and gets into the drivers seat and sees the emo missing a hand and the missing hand guy pleads to not be left but isn’t fast enough as the demon/ghost appears behind him and decapitates him. The next scene is in a bar/diner and that is all I can recall.

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