Cyborg-like guy taking revenge for his wife’s murder

I watched this movie on tv when I was a kid, I think i was around 6 or 7, but I remember that I saw it again when I was some years older. (I’m 20 now)

I tried searching it on IMDb under movies with the “cyborg” tag, but couldn’t find it, but I’m not sure what the main character is if not a cyborg.

I remember many parts of the movie.. The main character is a guy (maybe around 30 or younger) who had an awful car “accident” in the beginning of the movie, he makes it alive to the hospital, but his wife dies in the burning car. These guys who “planned” the whole thing thought that he would die anyways and they left the scene. Later on at the hospital the normal doctors are like he won’t make it and these scientists or whatever replace some of his body parts with new ones, which they wanted to “test” on somebody.

I remember that he was on this mission or something (where he killed his wife’s killers in the end – I think) and there was pizza in this room with all the camera monitors where guards should have been and he really wanted to try the pizza. The scientist guy had told him that even if he still can taste food, he isn’t allowed to eat any, because that would upset his new stomach, he would have to eat this black fluid thing for the rest of his life instead of human food. But he ate the pizza anyways because PIZZA and then the mechanical parts of his body didn’t function normally anymore.

later on there was this magnetic field or something and that also messed up his mechanical body parts.

he also can run as fast a car – i think.


Thanks in advance for any helpful replies, I really loved this movie as a kid and would love to watch it again.

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