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I’m looking for a movie (possibly TV show) that came out in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I saw it on late night TV.
There was this guy in a cyberpunk world. He went into a secret club to rent a cybersex booth. The receptionist asked him for the size of the hardware he needed and he said “large”. She laughed and said “OK that means medium.”
He went into the booth and the VR program kept glitching and going wrong.
At the end he walked out and said something like “She treated me no worse than real women I’ve met.”

Dead people hunt demons in Tokyo (maybe Seoul)

Looking for a movie I saw a few years ago. I am pretty sure it was CGI. It was either Japanese or Korean.
A team of people who don’t know they’re dead hunt weird looking demons in Tokyo or Seoul. They’re up against other teams and if they don’t get enough demon kills something bad happens to them.
The final boss was a giant demon who was made out of the bodies of thousands of people.

Kung Fu Disco

I remember this old kung fu movie from the 70’s. They all got mixed up in my head and several of them re-used footage from other movies. I think it might have been one of the fake Bruce Lee’s that popped up after his death.
The scene I remember is this: They were in a disco and didn’t know how to dance, but one of the guys started doing kung fu moves to the music and suddenly everybody in the club thought it was the best dancing they ever saw.


I saw this movie years ago about a man and a woman who die and are separated in the afterlife. The guy is offered a deal to prove that it is true love. He has 3 lifetimes to find her. If he doesn’t do it by then he’ll lose her forever.
There is one scene where he finds the devil character by looking for the smoke from his cigarette.