Cult Prostitute Film

I remember watching this movie with a friend a very long time ago.  I believe it was produced in the 60’s 0r 70’s and was about a rich married woman who was addicted to being a prostitute.  I remember there was one shocking scene with her doing something risque with a very long necked bottle. I don’t think it is Belle de Jour but I remember it being foreign, possibly French. The title might of been the ladies name which was very unique.  I’m trying to build my cult collection and I can’t for the life of me remember the name of this movie.

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  1. The basic element of “married woman elects to be a call girl” is present in the early 80s [West] German film A Woman in Flames:

    I don’t think it matches up with some of your other recollections, but it’s the only movie besides Bell de Jour that I know of with that plot element.

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