Creepy hypnotism themed claymation, 90s?

My grandparents had like 5 movies for us to watch as kids, and one of them was this claymation movie that I can’t seem to find the name of anywhere. It used to give me nightmares and still creeps me out.

So all I remember about the plot was that this man hypnotized this little girl and then stole her heart out of her chest. Then her mom sees her heart in a shop window and I think she buys it? And maybe they eat it for dinner? (That part may have been a false memory) I remember so clearly the girl’s swirly hypnotized eyes and that the guy was carrying a briefcase. Beyond that I think I blocked out the rest.

VHS, late 90s is when I saw it, color, claymation, creepy.

if you can help me find this I would be so appreciative. It’s killing me not knowing… I want to see it again and ease my mind because I’m sure it can’t be as creepy as I remember.

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