Possible Post apocalyptic/zombie movie

OK Guys. Here goes nothing. I remember this movie that I saw the tail end of on TV many years ago, perhaps 2006 or so. I remembered post apocalyptic kinds of themes and low production values. It had zombies or some equivalent. And people were trying to get off world (I Think). So I seem to remember some sci-fi thrown in. OK so the one thing I remember for sure: the was a man, I think the main character, and he is impaled on the outside of this spinning weel at the end of the movie. He’s ventured deep underground to fight the zombies or something. That’s all I got! Anyone know this movie?

5 thoughts on “Possible Post apocalyptic/zombie movie

    1. Don’t think so as I don’t see a man being scewered by a weel at the end; looks fun tho; thanks for the suggestion.

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