Creepy animated movie with robots and mutants

I used to watch this super-creepy animate movie as a kid. There was a human guy, a bunch of et black robots with red lights on their chests, and mutants living underground with odd numbers of limbs in odd places (eg legs and feet for arms and hands).  At one point the human was captured by the robots and placed inside of  large egg (the truck carrying the eggs had what I seem to recall as a dozen eggs in standard dozen egg layout… Two rows of six). In another scene, the robots were walking onto the hero’s planet through a Very large gateway portal (like 5 stories tall) in a militaristic formation (groups of 20 or so in formation, separated by a short distance).  This portal was (I believe) on a beach and viewed from atop a cliff.  The mutants ended up helping the hero to get rid of the robots somehow.

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