What is the name of the old movie that has winged creatures swooping down and attacking people in a cave? I think the cave or cavern was under a house or some kind of building. I believe it was in color and I saw it at a movie theater in the fifties.  It was in the English language.

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    1. Livinghead, thank you for the suggestion. I read the synopsis at IMDB. However, that is not the movie I was seeking. I wish I could remember more about the movie. I do remember that there was more than one creature and the creatures were similar to the Morlocks in The Time Machine.

  1. You said fifties?, but when you say color and creatures look like morlocks and swoop down on people in a cave, it reminds me of scenes in.
    “At the Earth’s Core”(1976).

    1. Yes, it was a fifties film. I was about 8 or 9 and I saw it in the theater. I am 69 now. Perhaps the creatures did not have wings, but they were about man sized and wanted to capture the women and kill the men that were going though the cavern. I saw another post about this movie somewhere, but I can’t remember where I saw it.

  2. “World Without End”(1956)?

    I think this might be it. It IS in color and from the 1950s, and directed by the same man- Edward Bernds. There are a race of cyclopean mutants living in caves in this one and they also resemble the morlocks.

  3. Wow! This is a tough one. Please don’t give up on me, I’m going to keep searching. Was this possibly an English dubbed foreign movie? Was it big budget or a B movie? Was it sci-fi or a western?

  4. Okay jack, here’s another possibility and it’s a stretch. It’s a movie from 1970, but it uses footage from a 1956 movie from the Phillipines. You can see scenes of winged, man-sized creatures in a cave from a 1950s Phillipines movie in the beginning of the trailer below.

    “Horror of the Blood Monsters”(1970)?

    1. Sorry, that’s not it either. It was a long time ago, and maybe my memory is faulty. Perhaps the creatures did not swoop, but just attacked the men and grabbed the girls and tried to carry them off. The people were dressed in clothes appropriate to the time period. It was a 1950s movie.

  5. Sorry, this was close, but not the movie. The people were dressed in regular clothes, not wearing hard hats, and were not carrying any gear. There were more than one man and one woman in the cave or cavern.

  6. After watching ‘The Unknown Terror’, and then watching the cave scenes several times, I do believe this is the movie. Thanks for all your help. You can mark this one solved , or do I do that?

    1. Jack, you are a great person! Thank you for not giving up on me! It will be marked solved as soon as the administrator sees this post.

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