Comedy movie probably between 80s or 90s

My friend is trying to find this movie.

Two male friends were kidnapped by the company that made the experiments. Maybe implant a chip into their brains. Afterwards these two friends had super features. They gain different abilities. They can fight very well and speak different languages. Using these super powers they are trying to impress girls.
But they are in control of this company. Because, the company directs their brains by sending signals.

2 thoughts on “Comedy movie probably between 80s or 90s

  1. I saw a similar question. This is the same movie.

    Two friends find a video tape or a computer floppy disk. Something like a chip came out of this floppy disk. They are worn behind the ears of this chip.
    So brains contain every piece of information like an archive. They can speak different languages. They fight very well.
    And there are bad guys in pursuit of this chip.

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