Comedy Con Artist/Criminal Movie (or TV show) scene

I’m picturing a scene and it’s driving me insane that I can’t figure out where I saw it. I thought it was from one of the Ocean Trilogy movies, but I just fast forwarded through all 3 of them and didn’t see it. There’s a tiny chance I missed it but it’s more likely I have the wrong movie. The movie (or possibly TV show episode) is definitely in English and in color and came out between 1995 and 2015 (more likely before 2010).

The scene I see has 2 con artists /criminals working together (I think there is actually a large group but this scene focuses on 2). They are in 2 separate lines at airport security. They both have fake passports/identities and they are dressed in character. There characters are very different – while perhaps incorrect, I am picturing Bernie Mac in traditional South African attire and Eddie Jemison as a Rabbi or something. They both get to the front of their security lines and realise they have switched passports so Bernie Mac has to pretend to be a rabbi in his South African attire and Eddie Jemison takes off his yamaka and pretends to be South African. The security agent with Eddie happens to speak the South African language and the crew of con artists get really nervous as they watch Eddie wondering how he’s going to convince the security agent. After a pause, Eddie responds perfectly in the South African language and suprises everyone. They both make it through the security line safely.


Again, I may have the actors and fake identities wrong, but the the concept is definitely correct, and hopefully some of my memory is correct and will spark something in one of your minds! I’ve spent HOURS today searching for this so I will be REALLY thankful to anyone who can help!

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