Colour British Spy Thriller From Sixties

I saw this as a child on British television, sometime in the late 70s, early 80s, and it was broadcast late afternoon, which considering the rather violent nature was what made it stick in my memory.

  1. Two men, one younger in a light coloured jacket, one older and stockier in a trench coat and carrying a Doctor style bag, are standing in front of a large wooden door of a large detached house. They are talking and knock on the door, and as the door is opened by another man, the man with the bag throws something like a rubber sheet onto his face. Unable to breath, he staggers back and the two men enter …
  2. Inside the two men look around, and the occupant has been painting toy soldiers in glowing paint containing phosphorous, so the figures have to be stored in liquid (oil/ water?). The phosphorous is stored in a brown bottle which ends up being thrown and then bursting into flames. At least one man ends up being set on fire.
  3. The feeling was of a spy thriller, because the two men had British accents and seemed to be concluding an investigation but behaving in a most non-police procedural manner.

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