Classic movie??

I was watching this movie a few years back on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) channel, I think it was in color but I’m not quite sure. The plot is about this slightly wealthy family (Father, Mother, Grandmother, Older daughter, younger son) who has a rather eccentric mother who loves to take in drifters off the streets (one at a time) and try and reform them into gentlemen or nice members of the family. It never seemed to work because they almost always ended up stealing something and running off. Actually kind of funny since the father hates it. But that isn’t exactly the plot, a man loses his car when it runs off the road and off an kind of cliff without him so he is mistaken for a drifter by this mother and takes him in by mistake as her next project. While there the nice man decides to humor her and let her treat him like a drifter she has taken in. During this time the man seems to fall for the daughter who seems to be in her 20s. They have great chemistry but she thinks he is a homeless drifter when he actually isn’t. They live in a beautiful house. There might be more family members in the movie, I can’t remember very well. I don’t know the year of the movie either, but it had to be before 1965. Does anyone know this movie?!?!


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