Christmas Wipeout & Teleport To Cake World

From what I remember…

A family goes Christmas shopping and on their way back their car goes downhill in the ditch. They possibly hit a tree on the way down and someone gets teleported to an other world. The doorway to this other world is possibly in the cellar of a bakery (I remember cake. While I’m at it, I think one of the last scenes is a huge cake falling on someone and through the trapdoor of this cellar…). The villains are two dark dressed hunchbacks and they live in huge bowling balls. This might have been a very low budget movie and have only been released in a specific part of the world. There might have been a person of royalty involved too. It should be older than 2005. Pretty sure cake was important.

I think I’ve had the PVC version once and I live in Canada.

Thank you very much!

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