70s/80s Fantasy movie with a huge monster in a red cave

Hi, new to this site, but a memory of a movie I saw in ~1986-1988 when I was 3 or four years is still bugging me.  My only recollection of this movie that it was a high fantasy, sword & sorcery type movie that was on network television (I didn’t have cable) during daylight hours.  All I remember is a man in a dark red cavern with a sword talking to what looked like a very large dragon or monster which made either a deep booming sound or actually talked to him.  The monster appeared to be several stories tall, and the scene took place toward the very end of the movie, because i remember it ended soon after.  I believe it was the climax of the movie.  I know it is not the movie “Legend”, but it may be similar to that.

Thanks for your help, this has been bothering me for 25+ years.

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  1. Yeah, that was it. Guess I didn’t look hard enough. I quickly scanned through a copy of that movie before, but it didnt look the right color, so I dismissed it. Perhaps my TV picture settings were way off when I was a kid. Thanks for your guys’ help.

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