Christmas Movies

I have three movies I would like to ask about I think they are all Christmas movies:                                                                                          First One: this one is more like a children’s movie where most of the characters dress funny, there is this one man in it that dress in full white and I think he has white hair, hes like the male to the snow Queen, he blew on one of the children and froze him/her ,it’s like he’s the snow man/ice man, Santa Claus is also in it.                                                                                         Second One:  I think this is the ending and the only thing I remembered, This woman had a boyfriend but met a different man, in the ending her boyfriend propose to her but she said no ,she really liked this other man but they had an argument about something, he went away and Sat on a bench and was looking up in the sky at the fireworks, it’s like it was new years Eve and he looked sad then the lady come and sit beside and I guess they talk things through and made up back, that’s all I remember.                                                                     Third One: This woman and man hooked up and in the morning while the man was taking a shower the phone rings and the woman answers it and the person told her she is his wife, she confronted him about it and ran out the house, then she moved away to her mother and sister in another state and he found her and was trying to mend things but she told him to go home to his wife, but then everywhere she goes she keeps bumping into this other man, she didn’t go out with him at first after what happened to her but she eventually falls in love with him and he’s not married, (the right one comes along) there’s a part in the movie where she was with the current man and the married man came and took her away and the current man ask her where she is going.

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