Christmas movie with two families in cabins

I watched a Christmas movie in 2018 in English. It was two families who went up to cabins. The first family got there and the second family just happened to be going up to the same area. The dads knew each other from childhood I think. Family 2 had a huge cabin with a lot of amenities that the children from family 1 liked. The dads would compete in games like they used to do as children. The families get very competitive. They end up searching for the best Christmas tree (El arbol de navidad is what they called it, I believe). Family 1’s dog actually finds it by barking at a bare tree in the woods. It magically turns green and decorated and everyone is happy, the end. There was an opening scene (overview shot of Family 1 driving to the cabin) that was in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, USA. Any help identifying the movie is greatly appreciated!

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