Christmas Movie

Firs of all sorry for bad english. I saw awhile ago a movie made in the `90 maybe, and it was so bad that it was funny and i want to watch it again but i cant remember the name , actually i never knew the movie name but i cand remember the story. It was a christmas horror/action movie about a (blonde) mom who was goinf to a supermarket to buy something  in the christmas eve, and there she saw 4 boys who killed a man with a gun , then she was being followed by them . she tried to run and hide and slowly killing all of them but one who was still following her through the forest and he catches her  and wanted to rape her . at first she was ok with that but then she found something to kill him with . after she finishes all of them she return home and her husband was something like “did you brought me a gift ?” and then she puts the gun that the boys used for killing that man in the parking lot and says”no” and shout him .  and thats it ,id be very thankful if you would help me find it.

Thank you , and again sorry for bad english.

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