Chinese comedy from 2000s

Chinese action comedy film with one gruesome tragic scene I recall well

I don’t remember much besides one scene clearly: the hero’s backstory involved soldiers capturing and killing his family, his grandmother trampled, his mother hid in a toilet and was stabbed by a lord with a stick (this backstory scene was shown in black and white animation)

**This was available on Netflix in 2011, 12, or 13 and most likely released in the late naughties or early 2010s**

An earlier scene involved a chicken or something in a pottery shop and there was an ambush from (singular) ninja or warrior to the shopkeeper.

I think the title may involve listing like “The Chef, The Fighter, and the Thief” but Im not sure. It is NOT “The Chef, The Actor, and the Scoundrel”

I think there is an ensemble cast and ab important character is dressed in white robes

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