childrens movie about a ghost in a castle and a boy helping him

okay so I watched this movie around 2011 or something. It was on an Italian channel (ItaliaUno probably because I don’t think I watched any other channels- don’t aks).This movie was for children but it is not animated it has actors in it and just the ghost is animated. So I don’t remember the title but I can recall the main plot. Sorry in advance if infrmation is not accurate enough. Here it goes:

the film opens with a boy and his parents are packing thier things and are in a rush to leave. Once the father starts driving he asks the boy (main character) where is his sister. They turn back round and the father goes in to tell the sister of the boy that she needs to come. He finds her in her bedroom with her boyfriend who says hi to him. They leave the house and once they are close to their destination, a castle (which is haunted by a ghost as we learn form a seperate scene), there are sheeps blocking their path and we learn that the boy is scared of them. Once they are in the castle the boy slowly and gradually becomes friends with this ghost and helps him with something(i missed this bit) and the ghost vanishes, well he definately dissappears if nothing. The family is returning home and again the sheep are there but this time the botisnt scared anymore.


If I could get anything at all i can work with even just the cast or something that would be really great.  I understand that this film may be in italian but if anyone had any ideas to offer than that would be awesome!!! Thank you all!!

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    1. i’m affraid this is not it… thank you for the suggestion. It think the movie as a whole was set in countryside if that makes sense… like i remember everything being green-ish and hills…

        1. Solved!!!!! oh my god thank you soooo much I have been looking for this for so long I lsot hope…. it is in fact ”Canterville Hayaleti (The Canterville Ghost )”. thank you once again.

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