Children in heaven waiting to be born

This description is from Carole Blackwell. This thread was on another post where the seeker of the movie got their answer but not for this one. It was suggested that a new thread be made for this movie.

Carol Blackwell from September 10, 2019 at 12:12 am
In this movie…all the children in heaven are waiting for their turns to be born. When their names are called, they line up, board a sail boat & come to Earth. This boy & girl in waiting start a relationship. This is forbidden. So, of course the day comes when 1 has been called & must go to be born. Heart breaking. Next trip, she gets called to be born. Time passes & you see them together, meeting for the first time. Re-incarnation. Does anyone remember the name of this movie?

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    1. Did you ever find it? I’ve been looking on and off for my whole life for this movie.
      I was born in 1966 and I watched it at a very young age, maybe 2 or 3 with my father and only remember the scene where the young couple was very upset to be separated bc one had to be born.

  1. Mr. Nobody? There is a scene in the movie with children waiting to be born in heaven.

  2. I watched this movie as a child (born in 73) and it stayed with me for all those years. Children in heaven waiting to be born. I really hope someone will remember as none of the suggestions so far have been ‘the one’

  3. It is probably the Shirley Temple movie The Bluebird. There is a segment where she goes with her brother to the heavenly place where all the children are waiting to be born. When their time comes, they board a ship that sails off and the song they hear are their mothers’s calling to them. They are children of all ages. There is a boy and girl who are in love with each other and they don’t want to be separated. But the boy gets called first and the girl is left sobbing.

  4. Since you’ve already said it wasn’t the Shirley Temple version, I wonder if it could possibly the later version of The Blue Bird.
    Here’s a clip that includes the Heaven scene:

    1. Thank you very much for adding the clip. I think it may be this film after all! Some segments of the clip such as children on the white stairs and the lily-like vessel taking them to be born are familiar, others like the various people in the forest less so but I suppose it’s been around 40 yrs since I’ve watched it!

    2. Yes! That’s the one! I clearly remember the white steps,
      the lotus flower and children inside of it. My search is over, thank you very much.

  5. It may be For Heaven’s Sake, I’ve been trying to find the film as well (also born ’73) and I recall a bell ringing when a child is born.

  6. I’m still searching for this movie, it was in black and white. I was born in 1963 so mid sixties. Small children on a ship waiting to be born

    1. Yes I remember the clip but don’t know what it’s called
      The kids are playing and a bell ring , they run off leaving one behind

  7. I watched this movie in the early 1970s and have been searching for it, it made such an impression, the scene is clear in my mind, it’s in black and white, and the ship of children is traveling through the sky. I’m relieved others are looking for it as well.

  8. These are always so weird, when a question gets answered for someone inside the comments thread, but not confirmed by the original poster. I can’t mark the post “Solved,” but I can give HBLibrarian credit for a Solve.

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